Product Reliability Test of a Bluetooth Speaker

EAG has established product reliability test processes. In this example we inspect a Bluetooth speaker using Accelerated Testing.

Reliability Test Approach

Test plan definition (define CtQ & pass-fail criteria) => experimental phase => data analysis

Product Reliability Test Example

Reliability of a Bluetooth speaker

Test Plan Definition — Accelerated Testing

Exploratory experiments from field data showed that this speaker is sensitive
to mechanical forces (dropping) and to the combination of humidity and high
temperature when switched on

Test Plan

Non-operational drop tests at 3 heights and operational damp-heat storage tests at 3 heights

Experimental Phase & Data Analysis

Drop test 30 – 60 – 100 cm

1: Gathering experimental data
2A: Choose a reliability failure mechanism acceleration model (Arrhenius, Eyring, Temp-humidity…) 2B: Choose life distribution that fits the fail data (Weibull, lognormal, exponential)
3: Check validity of experimental data
4: Generation of a prediction model to predict reliability parameters for different use scenarios

Damp-heat test 40°C/90%RH – 50°C/50%RH – 60°C/90%RH


Material & Component Reliability Testing

Same approach as for product testing. Often no clear pass/fail criteria available because of progressive degradation

  • Failure mode(s) and degradation data needed (chemical, optical, physical. mechanical) for correct data analysis
  • Our own Material Analysis Lab is well equipped to support failure mode and degradation studies

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