Reliability Testing Webinar

You need to get proven quality products to the market fast. Lifetime forecast and reliability testing are vital. These points are important for all markets, from medical equipment to consumer electronics. All products have their own reliability requirements based on the application and user profile. Stress factors affect the life of a product. Therefore, it is important to understand which stress factors, e.g. climate, mechanical, a product is exposed to during its lifetime and how this can be translated into an accelerated life test. With the right acceleration factor, long test times can be avoided. Failed product inspection and data analysis of accelerated life tests gives insight in the failure modes and the expected lifetime during normal use. In this way, it can be avoided that there are expensive claims due to broken products which can result in loss of market share or issues with product safety. Finally, it can also affect the warranty period or help establish a period of periodic maintenance.

This webinar gives you an introduction to setting up reliability test plans, processing reliability data and what the relation is to the lifetime of a product. In addition, different types of reliability testing are discussed. We will focus on reliability test plans combined with accelerated life testing analysis.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Quality vs Reliability
  • Different levels of Reliability Testing
  • Test Plan Definition
  • Testing and Data Analysis
  • Strengths and Limitations

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