Testing of High Speed I/O Webinar

In this webinar we introduce the Testing of High Speed I/O to validate the devices from characterization to production.

As the data bandwidth of internet continues to increase; semiconductor companies are developing and bringing to market higher speed devices to support the higher bandwidth requirement.  These devices are used in the network infrastructure, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence devices with data rates up to 112Gbps. These high-speed devices are bringing new challenges to the semiconductor test engineers to verify these devices in both characterization and production. EAG has recently installed a new high-speed testing solution which was developed in a collaboration between Advantest and Multilane. This solution provides test rates up 112Gbps in PAM4 and 56Gbps in NRZ.  EAG’s customers will use this high-speed test solution to validate the devices from characterization to production. This webinar will provide you an overview of the capabilities of this solution.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • High Speed Devices and Applications
  • Advantest / Multilane Integrated High Speed I/O Test Solution
  • Multilane Instruments for testing High Speed I/Os
  • Comparing Multilane V93000 Solution with Other Test Methods

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