Services for the Automotive Industry

For over 40 years EAG Laboratories has supported automotive customers working with raw materials, semiconductors, high-power devices and other components. We offer a comprehensive suite of testing techniques for characterization and testing of automotive products, including SiC & GaN devices.

Purity Certification

Inspection of raw materials during key phases of manufacturing to identify impurities in materials and final products.

Advanced Microscopy

Analysis of micro-structure, particle size, particle coatings and defects in thin/thick films or bulk materials.

Automotive production

Failure Analysis

Investigations include IC deprocessing, thermal, physical, and chemical property characterization to help troubleshoot field failures.

Contaminant Identification

Solving contamination issues originating from incoming raw materials, supply chain problems or manufacturing processes, such as oils and lubricants in plastics.

Material Qualification

Testing materials from a new supplier to ensure they meet OEM requirements.

Surface Analysis

Solving surface chemistry issues with adhesion, bonding, cleanliness, morphology and topography of a material.

Electronic System Testing

Engineering expertise to design, develop, test, analyze, and debug using ATE, Burn-in, ESD & latch-up testing, system level testing, reliability, warpage analysis, and IC-level failure analysis.

Metallurgical Analysis

Investigating fractures, fatigue, corrosion, contamination, wear, heat, stress related failures, and abrasion concerns.

Polymer Characterization

Providing physical and chemical analyses analyses for polymers and composites for automotive plastic related issues such as material incompabilities.

Quality Standards

EAG is accredited & certified for typical automotive testing standards.

Automotive testing

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