Testing Products for Home & Garden

When differentiated products, consistent quality and reliable packaging are what drives your business, you need science on your side. EAG scientists have decades of experience and an extensive store of analytical tools to evaluate ingredients and materials, investigate failures, support litigation and comply with global regulations.

How do you use science to drive commercial differentiation and at the same time, mitigate business risk?  Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


From GLP registration studies and contaminant investigations to label expansions and  packaging, the scientists of EAG support every phase of the product lifecycle.

Home and garden analytical support from EAG Laboratories
  • Materials characterization and testing: utilizing an array of microscopy, chromatography, and spectroscopy techniques to measure structural, compositional and surface properties of ingredients, bulk and finished products, and packaging
  • Extractables and leachables: Identifying the organic or inorganic materials that may migrate from packaging into a consumer product helps clients understand and monitor potential failures and product integrity issues.
  • Formulation confirmation: By performing deformulation of home goods, our scientists can confirm product composition matches the supplier’s provided list of ingredients and concentrations.
  • Custom synthesis: Expert custom synthesis of active ingredients and metabolites and impurities—with dedicated in-house analytical for GLP-certification of materials
  • Litigation support: Our experts provide litigation support for intellectual property, product liability and insurance claims challenges for manufacturers and businesses involved in home and garden products.

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