Cryogenic Focused Ion Beam

Eurofins Nanolab Technologies offers its customers Cryogenic Focused Ion Beam (Cryo-FIB) services.  Whether you are seeking to speed time-to-market, solve manufacturing problems or ensure regulatory compliance turn to Eurofins. We know how to bring the power of science to every phase of your product lifecycle.

Cryogenic Focused Ion Beam (Cryo-FIB) uses traditional FIB techniques, but with a sample stage that can be controlled to -135°C.

A focused ion beam which physically bombards the sample and this generates a lot of heat during the milling.

Cryo FIB

This heat can cause damage to sensitive materials. We can solve this problem using smaller current and beam accelerating voltage, but this can dramatically increase the milling time.

Cryo-FIB uses

With the use of Cryo stage, we can still use a large beam current and voltage to make cross sections with minimal damage. This makes the technique very useful for checking soft materials such as Carbon, Lithium and polymer fibers.

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