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As the cost of acquiring raw materials for manufacturing skyrockets and buoyed by a shortage in key materials such as cobalt, nickel, and lithium, battery recycling is gaining prominence in this circular electronics economy. That is why Eurofins EAG has developed proprietary processes for purity characterization, precise and accurate determination of elemental compositions, method development and validation expertise to ensure the highest quality of recycled materials.

Purity Analysis

Battery Recycling

Determining trace and ultra-trace level elemental impurities is one of the most critical steps in quality analysis, maintenance, and control. Trace concentrations are typically categorized as mass fractions from 1 part per million (ppm) to 100 ppm. Ultra-trace concentrations are typically those whose mass fractions are measured below the parts per million levels. Low concentrations of chemicals such as fluorides and sulfides in your battery-derived black mass can lead to quality issues within highly complex battery structures.

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Furthermore, new developments within the battery-recycling industry, such as the rise of incineration processes, expose battery materials to high amounts and concentrations of hydrogen fluoride, which is one of the challenging impurities to remove. Methods and infrastructure for testing fluoride and other materials are extremely costly to develop and implement. Let EAG give you peace of mind with our decades of experience and expertise in purity analysis, covering all your quality testing needs.

Years of quality testing in the battery industry has ensured that our greatest asset is our state-of-the-art instrumentation coupled with our vast technical expertise. We will ensure that you have peace of mind with any technical needs regarding quality testing. Eurofins EAG will serve as your trusted collaborator as this industry strengthens, expands, and evolves.

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