A materials analysis study into FinFET technology

7 nm FinFET (Fin field-effect transistor) process technology was introduced to semiconductor manufacturing mass production in 2018, following 10 nm node in 2016, 14 nm node in 2014 and 22 nm node in 2012[1]. While the naming of process nodes is not directly related to any measurable distance on a chip, 7 nm process technology provides shrink down transistors and thus offers improvement in silicon area utilization and power efficiency. In this application note, we provide a materials analysis study into the comparison between 22 nm node and 7 nm node FinFET technologies, using TEM-based (Transmission Electron Microscopy) techniques.

Figure 3 shows elemental distribution of the 7 nm Fin, acquired
by TEM-based EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy). Subnanometer layer of high-k dielectric HfOx is seen, similar to that in
22 nm [3]. However, compared to 22 nm Fin, W from metal contact
and Ta in TaN dielectric layer are missing.

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