Personal Care - Cosmetic purity and safety testing

To build and protect a cosmetic or other personal care brand, you must be sure of your products’ efficacy, purity and safety. You also need packaging solutions that will appeal the consumers, safeguard against contamination and survive the distribution chain. Even environmental regulations can stand between you and commercial success.

How do you build a great brand and mitigate business risk? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG scientists have helped major manufacturers, private labels, marketing firms and contract packagers answer all types of R&D questions, ensure supply chain quality, respond to regulatory requirements and ensure well-supported legal arguments. We support every phase of the personal care product lifecycle.

EAG reverse engineers topicals, creams, personal care products.
  • Deformulation: physical and chemical analyses required to characterize active ingredients, product components and their degradants; analysis of layer structures, polymers, particle size and composition, quantitation and distribution of active ingredients, excipients and coatings down to the sub-micron scale
  • Contaminant identification: investigations of off-colors, off-tastes or malodors, as well as potential product-packaging interactions, with ability to quantify elemental contaminants in packaging, ingredients and final products at very low concentrations, even at ppm levels
  • Packaging failure analysis: studies to determine cause of packaging and closure failures such as “ballooning” of a sealed pouch, pinhole formation in bags, adhesive failures and delamination
  • Product chemistry and quality control: analytical method development and comprehensive analytical support, stability and QC release testing for active ingredients and finished product, performed in a cGMP-compliant laboratory as needed
  • Preclinical and clinical support: method development and analytical support for clinical studies
  • Environmental assessments: the full package of product chemistry, ecotoxicology and environmental fate testing, including synthesis of 3H or 14C-labeled materials for metabolism studies
  • Consulting & litigation support: technical consulting, problem solving and litigation support, including expert testimony for patent violation investigations, product liability and other legal issues

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