Antifouling Paint Release Testing

EAG Laboratories is an industry leader in Antifouling Paint Release Testing, the laboratory tests to determine the release rate of biocides from marine paint coatings. These biocide coatings are designed to defend the underside of sea-going vessels against biofouling that can significantly reduce the vessel’s performance. The rate of biocide release controls the effectiveness and longevity of the coating, and release rate data allows the assessment of the coating’s performance and potential risks to non-target aquatic organisms.

Our scientists have been actively involved in the development and validation of ASTM (especially ASTM D 6903-07 and D 6442-06) and ISO test methods and continues to improve test system design to maximize efficiency and minimize variability.

EAG offers in-house release antifouling paint release testing services, including the preparation of coated cylinders for their exposure to seawater for periods up to several months under controlled, standardized conditions. Critical to the accurate determination of biocide release rates is the skilled collection and preparation of seawater samples from custom test systems followed by analysis of biocide concentrations.

EAG’s analytical chemists have validated methods for the determination of all inorganic, organic, and organometallic biocides currently used in antifouling paints, with limits of quantitation as low as sub-parts per billion (ppb). Our experts have analyzed thousands of samples from antifouling paint release testing studies. All tests are conducted following sponsor-approved study protocols and performed based upon strict adherence to Good Laboratory Practices.

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