Eindhoven, Netherlands

The EAG facility in Eindhoven, The Netherlands specializes in the materials analysis and reliability investigation of consumer products, medical equipment and lighting products. It also has specific expertise in the areas of gas analysis and facility cleanliness for high technology manufacturing. It was purchased by Eurofins EAG in December 2018 and was formerly the central research lab of Royal Philips and Philips Lighting (now Signify). The floor space is over 2400m2, shared over 2 locations within Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus.

EAG Laboratories

High Tech Campus 11
5656 AE
Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Materials Science

To contact EAG’s Eindhoven facility directly, email contact.nl@eurofinseag.com.

Globally serving customers

EAG Laboratories offers our clients an extensive knowledge base and skilled expertise that is supported by over 2,500 instruments installed worldwide. This capacity allows us to scale with your demand and time constraints.

We use a centralized support network that gives you access to technical consultants who can discuss every technique or solution that we offer. 

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