St. Louis, MO

Formerly known as CHEMIR Analytical Services, this 20,000 sq. ft. laboratory was founded in 1959.  EAG scientists at this location specialize in investigative analytical chemistry to solve difficult problems, including deformulationplastic testing and coatings testing. They are also experienced with providing litigation support and expert witness services. Located in suburban St. Louis, in Maryland Heights MO, this facility was acquired by EAG Laboratories in 2011.

The St. Louis laboratory offers scientific solutions to a wide variety of industries, including consumer products, industrial goods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and basic materials. This location is cGMP Compliant, ISO 9001:2015 Registered, FDA Registered and DEA Licensed.

Key solutions include:

Deformulation (reverse engineering) is the separation, identification and quantitation of all the ingredients in a product. As our premier analytical service, a full EAG (formerly CHEMIR) deformulation uncovers the raw materials, with absolute concentrations of each ingredient. EAG’s deformulation report includes tables of ingredients and their relative concentrations, original data, and determining conclusions and recommendations. Finally, once armed with this information, clients succeed in improving their products, shortening R&D efforts, and resolving legal disputes.

Materials Identification
We strive to understand the chemistry of components by using materials identification. Equipped with a wide variety of instrumentation, EAG can determine the components of unknown materials, confirm the identity of a suspect material or identify differences in similar materials. By gaining an understanding of the material’s identity, our clients can determine the cause of difficult problems.

Contaminant Identification
Contaminant identification involves the identification of particulates or low level unknown components in products. EAG’s contaminant identification service varies in scope depending on the concerns of our clients. This may range from a simple determination of a chemical family for due diligence to a complete structure elucidation, quantitation and toxicity risk assessment, in partnership with a toxicologist. We provide compelling solutions to solve critical problems, resulting in product improvement, safety assessment, and resolution of legal disputes.

Failure Analysis
Failure analysis can determine the possible causes of poor product performance. A product failure may involve breakage, loss of adhesion, embrittlement, or a decrease in performance. Our history as Chemir Analytical Services, and many years of experience investigating material and product failures allows us to recognize the indicators of failure and follow these leads to their root cause. We will help you define the problem and recommend solutions.

Custom Synthesis
With years of experience, our custom synthesis team offers organic synthesis of compounds from the milligram to kilogram scale. EAG provides research of synthetic routes, as well as design and preparation of compounds. We can also assist with long term projects, producing a variety of analogs for your evaluation. EAG specializes in addressing synthesis projects that require fast turnaround and clear communication of results. We will safeguard your confidentiality and you retain full intellectual property ownership of your materials.

Litigation Support
Clients turn to EAG (formerly Chemir) for dependable answers to legal challenges. Our knowledgeable experts offer investigative analytical chemistry for cases involving intellectual property, product liability and insurance. With over 50 years of experience, our outstanding reputation for analytical integrity, accurate testing, data interpretations and expert testimony has helped many clients resolve legal issues.

Coatings Product Development
EAG’s paint chemists are formulations experts. We will collaborate with you to determine the specific characteristics of your new product. With our extensive laboratory resources, we can test batch samples for performance and subsequent production optimization. We also work with raw material suppliers to create pilot batches of formulated products with their innovative materials.

Globally serving customers

EAG Laboratories offers our clients an extensive knowledge base and skilled expertise that is supported by over 2,500 instruments installed worldwide. This capacity allows us to scale with your demand and time constraints.

We use a centralized support network that gives you access to technical consultants who can discuss every technique or solution that we offer. 

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