Dr. Charles

Charles Magee

Dr. Charles Magee is Chief Scientist, Materials Sciences. 

Dr. Charles Magee was fundamental in the development of SIMS instruments equipped with quadrupole mass analyzers. Charles joined EAG in 1987, where he co-founded Evans East in partnership with Charles Evans & Associates.

At Evans East he further advanced the SIMS technique by pushing for ever lower detection limits and higher depth resolution in III-V structures such as heterostructure bipolar transistors.

In the early 2000’s Charles was instrumental in developing the concept of correcting sensitivities in III-V and SiGe structures based on the matrix composition which later proved to be essential in the accurate characterization of VCSELs.

Throughout his career, Charles developed many new methods for ion metrology. Most significant is Quad SIMS, which is important in many semiconductor applications. In addition to numerous publications, Charles co-authored “The SIMS bible,” found in SIMS labs to this day.

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