Patricia M.

Patricia M. Lindley, Executive Vice President of EAG Laboratories

Dr. Patricia M. Lindley has been Executive Vice President of EAG’s Materials Science division since March 2008.

Pat joined EAG, then named Charles Evans and Associates, in 1991 as a Staff Analyst where her particular field of expertise is in TOF-SIMS analysis. Her analytical research focused on developing polymer and organic applications of TOF-SIMS, as well as evaluating cleanroom contamination.

During her tenure at EAG, Pat has advanced through increasingly responsible management positions in operations and quality. She led the quality program for Charles Evans’ initial ISO certification, directed the development and implementation of the lab’s LIMS system, and developed the company’s export compliance program.

Prior to joining EAG, Dr. Lindley was a Research Chemist and an Officer in the US Air Force for four years, where she worked on the development of high-temperature polymers for structural  application, as well as polymers for third-order nonlinear optical materials.
Dr. Lindley received a Ph.D. in Organic/Polymer Chemistry from the University of Maryland.

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