When your mission is to enhance shelf appeal, ensure safety and guarantee products survive the distribution chain, it’s important to have science on your side. EAG brings together the unique combination of analytical chemistry, polymer expertise and an unmatched toolbox of microscopy techniques to evaluate packaging materials, chemistries and structures.

How do you solve packaging problems or avoid them in the first place? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG scientists have decades of experience analyzing contents, labels, inks and dyes, adhesives, closures, and multi-layer laminates and shrink films.

  • Failure analysis: determine cause of failures such as “ballooning” of a sealed pouch, pinhole formation in bags, adhesive failures and delamination
  • Contaminant identification: investigate potential sources of off-colors, off-tastes or malodors
  • Extractables and leachables: assess potential interactions between packaging and product, from polymers used in can liners and wrappers to chemicals on wooden pallets
  • Deformulation: employ advanced analytical chemistry to reverse engineer packaging layers, labels, inks or glues
  • Polymer analysis: evaluate polymeric films used in specialty packaging applications, as well as product chemistry and physical properties of plastic bottles and other containers
  • Litigation support: provide objective scientific analysis and expert testimony to support liability and intellectual property cases

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