SIMSview™ Data Processing Software

EAG Laboratories strives to provide our customers with extra value through exclusive features, such as our SIMSview™ data viewing and processing software for SIMS data. You can change the graph appearance, overlay files, and print or export the results, all within a few minutes. When used with our proprietary ‘svw’ SIMSview data file format, this software allows you to:

  • Modify axis scales and curve colors
  • Add text
  • Overlay profiles within seconds
  • Shift overlaid profiles for a better comparison
  • Re-calculate dose, areal density, and junction depth
  • Calculate average concentrations
  • Calculate layer thickness
  • Determine depth resolution

SIMSview™: SIMS Data Processing Software

Results can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel or copied into Windows meta-files. SIMSview is available free of charge to our SIMS customers. Please note that SIMSview is designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

Registration Required

For licensing purposes, we require your contact information. This will also enable us to inform you of any updates or changes to the SIMSview software. The contact information you provide here will not be used for marketing purposes.

ATTENTION:  SIMSview™ users
We have strengthened our security around providing updates to SIMSView software. Starting December 1, you will receive a message notification when your software checks for updates (example shown below). To continue receiving updates of SIMSView, we ask that you reinstall the software from this page.

Download the SIMSview™ Software

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