Environmental Testing

How do you know what environmental testing data will be required for a global product registration? How do you obtain scientifically acceptable results from soil, air and tissues? How do you incorporate evolving environmental regulations into your business plans? EAG scientists know how to translate guidelines into study designs that deliver the specific, defensible data required by global regulators. Ask EAG.

Unmatched Multidisciplinary Expertise in Environmental Testing

Drawing on decades of experience identifying and quantifying test substances in complex matrices, EAG brings world-leading, multidisciplinary expertise to every environmental testing program.
Whether you are exploring “what if” scenarios, registering a new active ingredient or formulation, responding to a data call-in or seeking to understand the latest guidance, you can count on EAG for technical excellence, sound regulatory advice, GLP-compliant study execution and expert interpretation of data to inform your commercial decisions.


EAG offers unparalleled expertise in method development, adaptation, validation, refinement and transfer, as well as independent laboratory validations (ILV) across dozens of instrumentation platforms. Our experience crosses every type and class of compound and all varieties of matrices, including challenging sediment, tissue and saltwater studies.


Our veteran staff of analytical chemists, elucidation experts and study directors has exceptional knowledge of United States, Canadian, European and Japanese test guidelines, and are adept at developing specialty designs to chemicals with unusual physical/chemical properties, such as extreme hydrophobicity, volatility, or instability under normal test conditions. Our USDA permits allow as to procure soil from anywhere in the world; in-house radiolabeling services provide streamlined study execution.


EAG provides a broad array of plant and animal metabolism services required to demonstrate safety, and to determine the distribution and metabolic pathways of chemical substances. Services include protocol development, preparation of radiolabeled test substance formulations, homogenization of collected samples, total radioactive residue determination, extraction, radio-chromatographic profiling, analysis by high resolution mass spectrometry, and isolation and identification of metabolites.


EAG offers the full suite of physical and chemical analyses required to characterize active ingredients, product components and their degradants. Multiple sites offer ample capacity to manage storage stability and reference standard programs.


EAG offers world-class environmental toxicology services required for global regulatory submissions.

  • Avian Toxicology: Established in 1985, our Easton, Maryland facility has produced more avian toxicology data than any lab in the world. We offer the full suite of required acute and reproduction studies (radiolabeled and unlabeled), as well as custom-designed investigations in non-traditional species or to meet client-specific needs.
  • Aquatic Toxicology: EAG toxicologists bring decades of experience performing acute and chronic, bioconcentration and screening studies in freshwater and saltwater fish and invertebrates, as well as amphibians. We offer the latest required tests for sediment dwellers and endocrine tests with invertebrates, birds, fish and frogs. Our laboratories are uniquely equipped with custom-designed static, semistatic and flow-through test systems that have been engineered to tightly control temperature, maintain acceptable levels of dissolved oxygen and deliver test substances with high degrees of precision and accuracy.
  • Terrestrial Toxicology, including Pollinator Testing: We offer the full complement of testing on non-target plants and insects, earthworms and other soil invertebrates. From bioassays of composted material to the latest pollinator larval testing requirements, EAG’s environmental testing scientists are on the forefront of the science behind evolving regulations.


The world’s most experienced team of residue chemists, EAG scientists have performed analyses of virtually every class of chemical in raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, eggs, biofluids, bee pollen, nectar, animal tissues and other less common matrices. From global registration programs for pesticides to import tolerance testing and worker exposure studies,
individual sponsors, industry task forces, governments and universities turn to EAG for unparalleled know-how and the convenience of field-to-final report residue program management.


Our field management professionals bring decades of study design, protocol development, analytical oversight and GLP/QA compliance expertise across all types of field studies. Acting as on-site GLP study directors, this elite team works closely with a global network of independent crop consultants to deliver expertly coordinated field studies and analytical services.


EAG offers the convenience of in-house radiolabeling and custom synthesis services (14C and 3H), with dedicated analytical support by scientists who understand your molecule’s chemistry and unique characteristics. No service provider offers greater experience in the synthesis of radiolabeled test substances, stable labeled analogs or postulated metabolites—or the in-house expertise to incorporate their use in environmental studies to yield more reliable, more specific answers to questions of metabolism, e-fate and chemical residues.


EAG offers in-house regulatory consulting and environmental risk assessment services for pharmaceuticals, personal care products, agrochemicals, food ingredients and industrial chemicals, with in-depth expertise related to endocrine (estrogen, androgen and thyroid) modulation and bioaccumulation assessments in wildlife. If an initial assessment of the active substance and relevant
metabolites suggests a possible environmental concern, we will recommend a regulatory path forward—whether  program of studies or other avenues that may make further primary research unnecessary. Our experts also assist in dossier preparation, and are available to represent your company directly with regulatory agencies.


Answering questions about environmental impact sometimes involves exploring unchartered territory. No scientific services company offers the environmental testing combination of technical talent, analytical tools and diverse experience to understand what was previously unknown. Bring us your questions and commercial problems. EAG scientists will find answers with “we know how” resolve.

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