Jim Curiel

Mr. Jim Curiel, EAG’s senior consultant metallurgist, has over 45 years of experience in metallurgy, materials characterization and failure analysis. Jim has consulted on projects ranging from medical instruments, aircraft structures and engines, fastener systems, pipeline ruptures and microelectronics to toys, weapons systems and disaster conservation. His experience in leading and solving high priority failure investigations provide a vast knowledge base to draw upon and enable Jim to assess each problem with a unique, unbiased perspective.

While providing consulting services, Jim spent a good portion of his career in academia. What sets him apart is his passion for the metallurgy and materials science field and passing his knowledge to future engineers. Jim, a past chair of Los Angeles ASM International, has chaired several committees and has served as Metallurgy/Materials Science mentor and coordinator of the ASM International Foundation camps for students and teachers alike.

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