Characterization of Plasma Altered Polymer Surfaces Webinar

In the full webinar we will discuss how the surface properties of polymers are altered by plasma treatment using characterization techniques.

Polymer materials are ubiquitous in medical devices, automobiles, electronics, food packaging and in a wide range of other industrial and consumer products.

In this presentation, we will discuss how the surface properties of polymers are altered by plasma treatment, and how XPS, FTIR, and other surface characterization techniques can be used to explore the effects of fluorine and oxygen plasmas on the surface properties of several polymers.

This webinar will provide information on several techniques that can be utilized for surface cleaning and chemistry alteration on polymer materials. These techniques are particularly relevant for understanding the changes that occur to polymer surfaces and for zeroing in on the effect of each treatment parameter on the outcome. These studies can also be applied to the natural weathering effect such as exposure to UV light on sample surfaces.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Sample description and processes used to create the samples

  • Results from analysis by XPS, FTIR, and dynamic contact angle measurements

  • Discussion of addition techniques that can be applied to surface characterization of such surface altered polymers.

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