Fractography Webinar

When components fracture there is a vast amount of important information left behind. Unique features resembling valleys, ridges, rivers, amphitheaters, shiny crystals, dull fibrous textures and others, all contribute to the story that are stages of the fracture process.

Where did the crack start? Why there? How?

How were the loads applied? Environment?

Did it grow as one continuous sequence or was it intermittent? Did it rest for a while?

Is it really a crack?

These are some of the questions that can be answered through fracture evaluation.

In metallurgy these features have names as unique as their characteristics; river markings, radial markings, chevron markings, dimples, cleavage, beach marks, fatigue striations, intergranular facets, thumb nails and others. These are critical sources of evidence that are revealed during a key step in the failure analysis process; Fractography.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Tools used for fractography
  • Fractography process
  • Fracture modes
  • More common fracture features and what they mean to the metallurgist

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