Glass Analysis Webinar

In the full webinar we will focus on Glass Analysis looking at Chemical and Physical Measurements to address manufacturing issues.

Glass is a crucial material in numerous applications. Today there is more glass in use than ever before. Glass is a critical design component encompassing environmental protection, appearance, safety, light transmission, and thermal management. The increasing importance and sophistication of glass means that more advanced analyses are needed to address manufacturing issues.

For over 50 years, the EAG Eindhoven lab has been involved in the entire value chain, from raw starting material to final products. We investigate the composition and quality of raw materials and production glass, give research and development support to glass factories during process optimization, glass tank wear-out studies, glass faults, verification tests and failure analysis investigations. EAG has unmatched expertise in that area.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Chemical composition raw materials and glass
  • Physical characterizing raw materials, grain size and tap density
  • Physical characterizing glass, viscosity, density, thermal expansion, electrical resistance, refractive index and stress
  • Optical measurements on glass
  • Glass defects
  • Analysis of gas inclusions

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