SEM-CL Webinar

SEM-CL is a powerful tool to examine both structural and optical properties of materials with spatial resolutions below the wavelength of light.  The SEM spatial resolution is on the order of nm, while the CL spatial resolution can be as good as 20nm.  This high spatial resolution of the signal acquisition can then be combined with the high spectral resolution (sub nm in wavelength) of the emitted light to determine a variety of material properties, such as composition, crystal defects and type, strain, and even doping concentrations both qualitatively and quantitatively.  This kind of highly localized analysis is quickly becoming a necessity with discrete devices becoming smaller and smaller such that other standard techniques, such as SIMS, are no longer viable.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • basics of SEM-CL measurements
  • Introduce the state of the art SEM-CL equipment available at EAG
  • Examples of current applications
  • Combining SEM-CL with STEM data

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