Surface Analysis Webinar

Of the gamut of analytical techniques provided by EAG – a few are prized for their extremely surface sensitive analytical capabilities. XPS, Auger and TOF-SIMS are often used to understand chemistry in the top few nanometers of a sample surface. Surface chemistry affects multiple properties including adhesion, wettability, appearance, cleanliness, etc.

These techniques have found broad utility exemplified by the case studies we will present. The strengths of each technique in regard to analytical problem solving will be discussed.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Importance of surface analysis
  • TOF-SIMS case studies
    • Mold Release Contamination on Polystyrene
    • Additive Manufacturing Metal Powder Ion Imaging
    • Pharmaceutical Drug Bead Cross-Section Analysis
    • Depth Profiling of Thin Organic Films on Cell Phone Screen Protectors
  • XPS case studies
    • Identification of a Contaminant Particle on PET
    • Analysis of a Stainless Steel Stent
    • Pigmented Contact Lens Study
  • Auger case studies
    • Stainless Steel Corrosion Study
    • Nitinol Defect Characterization

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