Los Angeles, CA

Formerly known as SEAL Laboratories, this EAG location in the Los Angeles (El Segundo) area has been solving challenging projects requiring expertise in materials science, electronics, failure analysis, metallurgical testing, and destructive physical analysis (DPA) since 1972. Scientists and engineers at our Los Angeles and other locations offer years of experience providing litigation support and expert witness services.

Every Engineering Problem Has a Solution. 
We perform failure analysis and product improvement for metal components in the aerospace, transportation, consumer products, construction and medical device industries. Our experts utilize multiple techniques for metallurgical analysis to solve problems as:

  • Fractures fracture and failure modes and origins
  • Fatigue and other slow crack growth mechanisms
  • Brittle and ductile overload failures
  • Stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement failures
  • Corrosion/oxidation problems
  • Contamination problems
  • Wear failures
  • Heat treatment problems
  • Design/stress related failures
  • Plating problems

Additionally, we have assisted with product design, material selection, product improvement, and quality assurance programs for metal components.

Legal Consulting: Product Liability and Patent Infringement Cases
From investigating defective aircraft landing gear to determining cause of airbag failures, our engineers and scientists have been at the forefront of providing scientific expertise, data interpretation and expert testimony for hundreds of legal cases, including:

  • Product defect investigations
  • Determination of initiating causes of failure
  • Product construction analysis and specifications
  • Materials and contamination analysis
  • Fire investigations
  • Manufacturing/quality control issues

Our scientific expert witness team from this location includes Arun Kumar, Ph.D, Kin-Ling Sham, Ph.D., and Jim Curiel.

The Los Angeles location (formerly SEAL Laboratories) also has specialized services for the electronics and aerospace industries.
Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) is performed on materials used in aerospace, commercial, military, and government applications. The lab is DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) certified to perform Radiography and P.I.N.D testing. Other DPA capabilities include Fine and Gross Leak Test, External and Internal Visual Inspection, Bond Strength, Die Shear, SEM Inspection, and Microsectioning on a wide variety of electronic components.

Globally serving customers

EAG Laboratories offers our clients an extensive knowledge base and skilled expertise that is supported by over 2,500 instruments installed worldwide. This capacity allows us to scale with your demand and time constraints.

We use a centralized support network that gives you access to technical consultants who can discuss every technique or solution that we offer. 

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