Capabilities of Eurofins EAG Materials Science Europe

Our laboratories in France and the Netherlands offer comprehensive materials testing and answers for clients in many industries including, semiconductor, consumer electronics, lighting, aerospace and healthcare.

Analytical Methodology

EAG scientists can help you perform in-line quality control with custom test design and on-site installation.

Chemical Compatibility

Many polymer products and coatings are susceptible to various liquids and gasses, leading to rapid degradation or malfunctioning of the device. Our team will determine the compatibility of your product with its environment.

Chemical and Physical Analysis

Our experts can help you identify and eliminate sources of unwanted impurities in advanced materials by using trace and ultra-trace analysis on bulk material and surfaces.

Chemical Purity

Using various methods of material characterization and mechanical testing, our scientists determine product composition, identify potential contaminants and discover the source of product failure.

Contamination Control

Using analytical techniques and cleanroom environments, EAG scientists solve contamination control issues as diverse as analysis of gases at the ppq level to sub-monolayer analysis of wafer surfaces.

Materials Consultancy

From developing new methods to creating design of experiments, our experienced materials consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problemsolving and product improvement.

Reliability of Materials and Products

Turn to our experts for testing and predicting behavior during the complete lifecycle of the product, component or material to resolve reliability issues, insure quality control, and identify and prevent failures.

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