EAG Expert Scientist Inspires the Next Generation Scientists

Recently, Eurofins EAG Laboratories (EAG) expert analyst, Alan Wan, Ph.D., Manager, Electronic Materials, was a featured speaker at a seminar at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. The seminar was entitled “Making a Career in Surface Analysis / Material Characterization Services in the Semiconductor Industry”. This seminar provided Princeton students and postdocs an opportunity to connect with eminent figures from the industry and national labs. It provided invaluable insights into professional career development, the research field, and the interplay between academia and industry.

EAG Scientists frequently donate their time to the community by inspiring and educating the next generation of material scientists. The scientists at EAG believe that it is important for students and 

EAG Expert Scientist

postdocs to see the possibilities of what can come of their career in the surface analysis/material characterization field. Alan Wan, Ph.D., has been with EAG since 2010, starting off as a Scientist for non III-V Materials Quad SIMS, moving to a Senior SIMS Scientist, to Team Leader and now Manager. One of his focus areas now is on Dynamic SIMS characterization of Si/SiGe based technologies and ALD/CVD thin films using Quad SIMS. When asked why he wanted to be a featured speaker at this Princeton seminar he said “A lot of what we do at EAG is such a big part of everyday life. It is important, to me, to build awareness of our work and the science behind what we do, but to also encourage and inspire the next generation of scientists. I had great mentors during my educational journey, and I hope to give back what was given to me. Students need to know what careers are possible with the degrees they are obtaining and what better way to do that than to hear from experts who are doing what they might one day do.”

SIMS Machine

Dr. Wan’s seminar has already had a positive impact on upcoming researchers. One attendee commented “Getting the opportunity to hear industry speakers and government lab speakers doing materials science research and development is awesome. I think bringing in someone who does a lot of materials characterization was a great success. There were more people than average attending these seminars and I think that speaks to the number of students and postdocs on-campus whose interest is in how to translate the skills and knowledge they acquire here into careers in industry in experimental materials science fields.” EAG will continue to partner with institutions like Princeton to bring exposure and awareness to the different technical expertise we offer as well as what careers are available in the materials science fields. Additionally, our scientists typically offer students the opportunities to visit our labs to see the instruments and get a feel for “a day in the life” of a materials science scientist.

When it comes to understanding the physical structure, chemical properties and performance of advanced materials and integrated circuitry, no other scientific services company offers the breadth of experience, diversity of analytical techniques or technical ingenuity of Eurofins EAG Laboratories. We deliver multi-disciplinary, problem-solving expertise to help our customers accelerate innovation, ensure quality and safety, and protect intellectual property. Contact us today to learn more about our areas of expertise and how we bring the power of science to every phase of a product’s life cycle.

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