EAG Laboratories and Attolight Announce Partnership

Partnership to Deliver Advanced Cathodoluminescence, Photoluminescence and EBIC-Scanning Electron Microscopy Analytical Services to U.S.

EAG Laboratories, a global scientific services company that provides testing, analytical and characterization services to technology- and life-science-related industries, and Attolight AG, a manufacturer of integrated quantitative cathodoluminescence instruments have partnered to offer U.S. customers a new Measurement Service Center in Raleigh, NC.

Cathodoluminescence is a non-destructive characterization method that provides a deeper understanding of material structures and properties than many other available techniques. The combination of electron and light microscopy reveals ultra-trace impurities and crystallographic defects not visible using other imaging techniques.  The technology is used in a variety of applications, including LED and laser performance and reliability, GaN power transistors, deep UV emitters, solar cell efficiency, plasmonics, geology and biosensors.  Additionally the tool delivered to EAG will be capable of performing integrated photoluminescence and EBIC measurements.

scanning electron microscopy SEM

Attolight  Allalin CL-SEM4027

“The Attolight  Allalin CL-SEM4027 is a great example of technology that enables modern industry to push the boundaries of science. It’s one more way EAG can help its customers continuously innovate and improve the reliability of their products.” said Patrick Schnabel, Ph.D., Vice-President, Advanced Imaging of EAG. “We are thrilled to add this powerful tool to EAG’s arsenal of analytical capabilities,” said Schnabel.

“We are very pleased that EAG has selected our cutting edge, quantitative CL-SEM/EBIC system” cited Samuel Sonderegger, Attolight’s CEO and co-founder. This new instrument creates new opportunities for the photonics and materials analyses and wide range of applications EAG handles every day.”

About EAG

EAG, Inc. is a global scientific services company serving clients across a vast array of technology-related industries. Through multi-disciplinary expertise in the life, materials and engineering sciences, EAG helps companies innovate and improve products, ensure quality and safety, protect intellectual property and comply with evolving global regulations. EAG employs 1200+ employees in seven countries, across 20 laboratories serving more than 4,000 clients worldwide. EAG Laboratories is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific.

About Attolight AG

Attolight builds fully integrated cathodoluminescence systems with best-in-class collection efficiency and reproducibility. All products feature Attolight’s proprietary quantitative cathodoluminescence technology. The company’s products are used in FA laboratories, material research laboratories, and semiconductor industry. Major application fields include: R&D and reliability assessment for LEDs, lasers, power transistors, nano-electronic devices, and solar cells. The Company was founded in 2008 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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