Metrologies to Study Ion Implanted Semiconductor Materials

Eurofins EAG’s Dr. Temel Buyuklimanli was a recent speaker at the 23rd biannual International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology 2022 (IIT 2022) which was held September 25-29, 2022. This conference is focused on discussing major challenges in current and emerging technologies related to implant/doping and annealing processes, device applications, equipment, metrology, and modeling. The Conference offers an excellent opportunity for engineers and researchers in industry, research institutes, and universities to present new results and discuss ideas for new applications of ion implantation and annealing.


Dr. Buyuklimanli focused on Metrologies to Study Ion Implanted Semiconductor Materials:

As ion implantation technology for semiconductors evolved, new metrologies to help its progress needed to be developed in parallel.  Some of the current metrologies owe their present sophistication to this evolution.  The one technique which probably underwent the most development was Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).  New SIMS instrumentation needed to be developed to measure very low dose and ultra-shallow implants.  High dose shallow implants led to changes in matrix composition to stoichiometries that required new SIMS


quantification formulae.  Several complementary analytical methods needed to be employed to further improve the accuracy of SIMS data. 

Over the years, many new metrologies were also developed to investigate the physical properties of ion-implanted materials.  Advances in electron microscopy made high-resolution crystallinity analysis of semiconductor materials easier over the years, in combination with accelerator techniques such as RBS.  Atom Probe Tomography became available to provide a 3-dimensional atomistic view of these materials.  The newly developed method of Differential Hall Effect Metrology (DHEM) complements SIMS, as it measures active dopants in the top 100nm with <1nm resolution. 

The complete study of materials modified by ion implantation requires a combination of the above techniques, with the occasional use of others, such as XPS and XRD.  Analytical approaches utilizing some or all of the above were discussed in detail in this presentation.

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