Hydrogen in Annealed Alloy Presented at 2022 Minnowbrook Conference

The Minnowbrook Moisture in Microelectronics Conference is a yearly retreat where engineers, scientists, and technologists meet to discuss and explore solutions to the effects of moisture in microelectronics.

This year, Eurofins EAG’s very own Dr. Jayeshkumar Das presented during the conference which was held from October 4-7, 2022. His presentation was entitled “Total Hydrogen in Annealed ASTM F15 Alloy (Kovar®): How far can we chase hydrogen?”


Materials used for construction of Microelectronics devices contain hydrogen. The presence of hydrogen in a sealed cavity is known for being the primary reason for failures either due to formation of moisture or metal hydrides. ASTM F15 alloy (Kovar®) is an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy commonly used for high integrity glass and ceramic to metal seals, lids, lead frames and electronic packages. We investigated the total hydrogen from various annealed Kovar® stock materials to determine how much hydrogen could be present that can diffuse over time. Kovar® of different thicknesses, acquired from different vendors, were used as primary samples. We determined that hydrogen concentration varies from 0.2 to 2.8 ppm (Wt.%) in seven Kovar® samples. The variation certainly reflects the effect of processing performed by base metal suppliers, storage conditions as well as methods used to control the diffusion of hydrogen.

Author: Dr. Jayeshkumar Das, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist & Innovation Program Manager

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