Ask the Expert: Vibrational Spectroscopy for Materials Analysis

FTIR, Raman & NanoIR

During this live Ask the Expert event, we will answer pre-submitted questions from our audience regarding materials analysis with various vibrational spectroscopy techniques such as FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), Raman Spectroscopy and a new technique for EAG, NanoIR, that bridges the gap between AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) and vibrational spectroscopy to allow analysis on the 10nm scale.

FTIR, Raman and NanoIR are particularly well suited at determining the identity and molecular structure of organic materials, however they can also obtain some inorganic information too.

FTIR can be run in a transmission or reflectance mode and benefits from large libraries of reference compounds. EAG’s key strengths are our abilities to cleverly prepare samples for analysis and our skills at analyzing real-world mixtures.

Raman lets us get down to the um scale (0.000001m) and can take data in a range of modes, including later imaging and confocal profiling. It also has important capabilities beyond organic materials and into the semiconductor field.

NanoIR uses tunable lasers and AFM to obtain vibrational spectra from samples on the 10nm scale. This takes us far beyond the diffraction limit of traditional optics and lets us analyze a whole host of materials with a lateral resolution that was previously unobtainable.

Do you want a deeper understanding of these vibrational spectroscopies for materials analysis? Are you new to the industry (or just want a refresher) and want to learn what FTIR, Raman and NanoIR can do for you? If so please join us for an intimate Q&A with Eurofins EAG Laboratories technique experts. During this 60-minute session our experts will answer pre-submitted questions from our audience. If time runs out and all questions have not been answered a follow up email will be sent out to all attendees with those answers.

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  • Wenqiong Tang, Ph.D.
    Manager, Organic Analytical Services
  • Yanika Schneider, Ph.D.
    Senior Scientist
  • Victor Or, Ph.D.

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