Chemical Analysis of Materials Used in Energy Storage Devices

In this webinar we introduce full Survey Chemical Analysis of Materials Used in Energy Storage Devices such as lithium ion batteries.

In energy storage devices such as lithium ion batteries (LIB), manufacturing uncertainties arise not only from fluctuation of processing parameters, but also from the quality of precursors and formulated intermediate products. Defects introduced by unwanted or unintentional impurities and composition off-stoichiometry, inevitable as the consequence of thermodynamics, are important sources of uncertainties. Like all dynamic systems, the interplay between structure defects and cell performance is strongly coupled. Off-stoichiometry-related crystal defects can destabilize the layered structure of cathode, thus shortening the cycle life, while impurity defects are known to participate in multiple chemical, physical and electrochemical processes that either accelerate aging or directly lead to failure of batteries:

  • Cell explosion triggered by outgassing from impurity catalyzed hydrogen formation and liquid electrolyte decomposition
  • Cell shorting due to dendritic growth of Li metal promoted by metallic impurities
  • Self-discharging from internal micro-batteries created by magnetic impurities

It is clear already today that adaptation of advanced analytical techniques is key for discovering and validating new avenues toward batteries with higher energy density, higher power density, better rate capacity and longer cycle life, and for unravelling the unanswered degradation mechanisms and those to come. Eurofins EAG Lab can help!

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The individual components and materials used in industrial scale production of current and next generation of LIBs
  • The sample characteristics, specification requirement, and analytical challenges of each material used in LIBs
  • The recommended analytical solution including sampling size, elemental coverage, precision, accuracy, and reporting limits

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