Polymer Additive Manufacturing Analysis Webinar

In this webinar we introduce Polymer Additive Manufacturing analysis that prevents defects in 3D-printed objects.

Additive manufacturing (AM) is transforming the world of plastic component production. AM has proven to be a more cost-effective solution for low production volumes, short turnaround times and complex geometries/configurations. Understanding the surface, mechanical and chemical properties of these materials should help guide part design, including material selection.

Preventing defects in 3D-printed objects is critical when designing for mechanical strength and durability. In this talk, we will describe analytical techniques used to characterize such defects. We will also present case studies that examine root cause analysis of different failure modes such as chemical attack or mechanical failure. By correlating mechanical properties with morphological analysis, we can provide insight on the microstructure of 3D-printed polymeric materials.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Overview of polymer 3D printing methods
  • Common characterization techniques
  • Case studies related to raw materials and processing:
    • Environmental stress-cracking
    • Chemical exposure
    • Voids
    • Wetting behavior
    • Resin impurities
    • Fractography of 3D printed parts

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