EAG Laboratories Secures DLA MIL-STD 883 TM 1018 Suitability at Syracuse Lab

Eurofins EAG Laboratories (EAG) has been approved as a suitable commercial laboratory to provide MIL-STD 883/750 Test Method 1018 Internal Water Vapor Content Testing for hermetically sealed electronic devices. This testing is mandatory for hermetic microelectronic devices routinely used in space, defense, and medical applications.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the nation’s logistic support agency. The DLA manages the end-to-end global defense supply chain from raw materials to end-user disposition for the five military services, 11 combatant commands, other federal, state, and local agencies, and partner and allied nationals.1 To be a supplier to DLA, a manufacturer must meet or exceed the Military Standards put in place for the industry of the product or service.

Mil Std 883 TM 1018

DLA’s qualification program requires manufacturers and/or distributors to pre-qualify through an assessment of the provider’s process controls and products. The main objective of this program is to confirm that the products supplied by manufacturers and/or distributors conform to the specification and requirements and can provide maximum assurance. The MIL-STD 883/750 Test Method 1018 is part of the assessment and mandatory for the hermetic devices supplied by qualified suppliers. Over the years, the test method (TM 1018) defined in MIL-STD 883 has become a gold standard for accurately determining water vapor and other inorganic gas species in hermetic devices. The test not only qualifies a product that can be supplied to DLA for mission-critical programs but also provides vital information when a product does not meet the required criteria. This test method has also been adopted with a slight variation for implantable microelectronic medical devices where reliability is directly linked with human life.

This specific DLA suitability to MIL-STD 883/750 Test Method 1018 Internal Water Vapor Content Analysis is important because it provides EAG the opportunity to serve the members of DLA’s qualified suppliers list. The suitability strengthens EAG’s capability to test high-reliability microelectronic components. In addition, the suitability allows EAG to perform the internal water vapor content is an additional tool for our technical experts to provide in-depth failure analysis for hermetic microelectronics devices.  Further, DLA suitability programs are very rigorous and not easily obtained. The DLA programs that EAG provides services for are mission-critical programs in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical Devices where reliability is critical to their success.

EAG holds the distinction of being one of the two commercial testing services in the world that currently has suitability for Test Method 1018, Internal Water Vapor Content Testing – also known as Residual Gas Analysis (RGA). Suitability for Test Method 1018 is the Gold Standard for testing reliability and accuracy, and it comes from the highest standards board in the United States. There are several different MIL-STD test methods and other EAG sites have DLA suitability for those test methods. The suitability confirms EAG’s credibility in providing accurate and high-quality testing services.

Many industries, other than DLA suppliers, have adopted this test method as a reliability test for their products including manufacturers and users of microelectronics in the Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, Satellite, Electronic Implantable Medical Devices, and Automotive Industries.

Contact EAG today to learn how we can be your partner with DLA-suitable testing. Working with EAG will bring breadth and depth of testing methodologies and experience, worldwide testing capabilities, consulting experience, and the highest level of customer confidentiality. EAG is the One-stop-shop for all testing and analytical needs.

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