EAG Laboratories Recognized as a Top 10 Corrosion Services Provider

Manufacturing Technology Insights recently named Eurofins EAG Laboratories a Top 10 Corrosion Services Provider.

The publication featured an interview with Dana Medlin, our Vice President of Metallurgical Engineering. Dr. Medlin explains how EAG helps medical device manufacturers ensure their products meet the regulatory requirements for corrosion resistance and passivity. He also illustrates how EAG assists clients with testing new products, developing techniques for corrosion resistance, quality control assessments, and consulting.

Read the article here.

Corrosion testing is critical to understanding how a material reacts with its environment. Clients use Eurofins EAG corrosion testing services to solve, prevent, and mitigate corrosion problems including, premature failure, structural integrity, and contamination. In addition, corrosion testing helps ensure proper materials selection, a critical manufacturing step that prevents future problems.

Learn more about corrosion testing services at EAG.

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