Plasma FIB Services are Now Available

EAG Laboratories is pleased to announce a new addition to our wide range of Advanced Microscopy techniques. We now offer Plasma FIB (PFIB) services!

PFIB can be used for both Material Characterization and Failure Analysis.  It differs from traditional FIB as it uses various gases such as Xe, Ar, O or N to generate a focused ion beam with much greater range of beam currents as compared to Ga.  With our new Plasma FIB capability, larger cuts can be prepared more efficiently, giving us the ability to survey more material to find the root cause of a failure and reducing the time needed for an analysis.

Plasma FIB News

Cross-Sectioning Entire Commercial LED Ball Bond

Plasma FIB Benefits:

  • Higher currents and faster milling than conventional FIB
    • Capable of nm to mm scale cross-sectioning with site-specific cross-sectioning up to ~1mm
  • Gallium-free specific site sample preparation
    • TEM, SEM and APT
    • No intermetallic formation or Ga accumulation
  • Multiple ion species available (Xe, Ar, O, N)
  • Enables advanced characterization of Al containing materials and optoelectronics

Plasma FIB is an ideal choice for performing mm scale targeted cross-sections on a wide variety of materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors and composites.

We’re very excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients. Contact us today to learn how this new capability can help with your next project.

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