Biomedical Polymer Chemistry

EAG Laboratories has special expertise in biomedical polymer chemistry. As industry leaders in deformulation (reverse engineering), our scientists can characterize the composition of medical plastics, determining raw materials and additives. In addition, we  offer a strategic combination of physical and chemical testing to answer specific biomedical polymer questions.

From failures to contamination issues, EAG has investigated a wide variety of medical plastics, including catheters, implants, membranes, filters, coatings, sutures, flexible tubing, dental materials, orthopedic prostheses, containers, protective devices and more.

Biomedical polymer chemistry services:

Examples of problems solved for the medical device industry include

  • Analyzed polymeric materials to evaluate products for resin composition
  • Identified a black speck contaminant in a device
  • Investigated product failure of a polyurethane catheter
  • Deformulated a detector strip in support of an intellectual property case
  • Performed polymer analysis to investigate biodegradation of an implanted device

Contact EAG’s biomedical analysis experts at 800-366-3867 or complete the ASK AN EXPERT form to speak with one of our scientists about your challenges.

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