Drive Supply Chain Efficiency with Testing Support from EAG

Why is the product failing?
Why is it not working properly during production?
Does it contain a hazardous substance?
Has the supplier made any changes to their material?

EAG Laboratories provides clients with answers to these questions and more with testing support for every stage of the supply chain.

  • Evaluate and pre-qualify suppliers
  • Integrate testing into quality management
  • Ensure safety of materials and product
  • Understand product reliability and failure
  • Catch defects early
  • Streamline production costs
  • Follow compliance standards

Identifying Materials

EAG Laboratories uses over 30 different materials characterization methods to provide answers to our customers.

  • Testing of new concepts, materials, processes, designs and tools
  • Qualify incoming materials
  • Monitor process changes and performance
  • Investigate problems and their source
purity material analysis for batteries

Testing for Impurities

Impurities play a variety of roles, affecting the performance, the reliability and the lifetime of many materials, parts and devices.

Over the past three decades, EAG has established a full suite of purity analysis services that feature advanced analytical techniques, a comprehensive reference material database, scientific expertise for problem solving, and rigorous data security and IP confidentiality practice.

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