EAG welcomes Qualitech to Eurofins

Founded in 1980 Eurofins Qualitech AG, is based in Switzerland, and specializes in Materials Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing, inspections and acceptance tests of industrial plants and components, technical consulting, computer tomography, structural mechanics, measurement and calibration, training courses (NDT, damage analysis, corrosion and isometry), welder tests and certifications as well as welding engineering.

Eurofins Qualitech

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ANTEC 2024

ANTEC 2024

March 4-7, 2024
Eurofins EAG Laboratories will be presenting “Characterization of Mycelium Biocomposites Under Simulated Weathering Conditions“ on March 6th. We hope to see you there!

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3D printed metal

Composition Analysis on 3D Printed Titanium

XRD analysis provides identification of crystalline phases present. For 3D printed materials that come from a matrix of multiple elements, it can be unclear whether the cooling creates one, consistent phase of material or if it separates out into multiple phases.

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