NanoIR Services Coming in early 2023

EAG Laboratories is pleased to announce a new addition to our wide range of analytical techniques. Early next year, we’ll be offering NanoIR capabilities!  NanoIR combines the nanometer scale spatial resolving capabilities of atomic force microscopy (AFM) with the chemical characterizing capabilities of infrared spectroscopy.

With this new capability, EAG scientists can provide our clients with:

  • Simultaneous and correlative topographical, mechanical, and chemical information using a single tool
  • Spectroscopic characterization of trace materials such as surface contaminants and thin coatings with a spatial resolution down to ~10 nm (100x better than our best current Raman capabilities)
  • Complementary chemical information to existing microscopy and nanomechanical tools (AFM, SEM-EDSTEMNI, etc.)
NanoIR images

Above are data examples of PLGA nanoparticles deposited on mica. AFM height image (left) with colored markers indicating the corresponding analytical locations where spectra were obtained from. A single wavenumber chemical map (right) taken at 1760 cm-1 reveals the ester-rich regions are detected only from the particles and are absent from the mica substrate. The chemical map highlights additional nanoscale heterogeneities that exist within the particles.

NanoIR spectra

NanoIR spectra collected from the corresponding-colored locations indicated in the AFM image shown above. Heterogeneities shown in the spectra are consistent with the chemical map, where the intensity of the PLGA ester peak (~1760 cm-1) varies across the particle and an additional ester species is detected (1730 cm-1).

We’re very excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients soon! Stay in touch for more information on the specifics of our new instrument, to be announced shortly. Contact us today to learn how this new capability can help with your next project.

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